Investment Principle

Our Investment Principles

We come from the school of value investing. We look at finding securities where prices of the assets and operations are not fully reflected in our expectations of the true value of those securities.
By rigorously and consistently following the principles below, we continuously create healthy enterprises and generate solid value for investors.

Our investment principles include:

Controlling stakes in businesses we understand: We generally take majority ownership or another arrangement that enables us to control the investment. It’s important to us that the investment companies operate a business and use a strategy that’s easily understandable.

Quality over quantity: When an investment opportunity arises which fulfils our investment criteria, we commit to it. Risk management, in our opinion, comes from knowing what you do, and not from random diversification. Investments should either have a demonstrated earning ability – or be a turnaround candidate where a strong asset base mitigates downside.

Local management: While we will support and monitor an investment – a strong, stable, knowledgeable and incentivised local management team is key to the success we deliver.

Long-term commitment: We’re not a short-term investor out to make a ‘quick buck’. Our focus is on building enterprises for the long-term, or turning around failing businesses into lasting ventures.

Active Ownership: The synergy between operational management and shareholders is fundamental to the success of the business. Our ‘hands on’ approach means we cultivate strong and respectful relationships, so we can better understand and support the business.

We are always looking for investment opportunities that fit our criteria. If you have a proposition to discuss, please contact us now.

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